Three Needs for Jamaica After Ivan

Darlene Burkett, who works in Global Ministries, was able to speak today with Owen Gordon, a UB minister in Jamaica who is also president of Jamaica Bible College. Phone service is back up, but that is all. There is still no electricity and no water. Owen said that they have no idea when those things will get restored because of the extreme damage.

Owen said that if there is someone who absolutely wants to come to Jamaica right now to help, here are three things that they could bring with them that would be of immediate assistance:

  • Generator. If they had a generator, they would be able to pump water from a holding tank that they have. Right now there are no generators to be found anywhere. They were purchased almost immediately. The government has said that they will not charge duty on any item like this for an extended period of time because of the great need.
  • Chlorine tablets for water purification. These, too, are unable to be obtained in Jamaica.
  • Battery powered lamps and their batteries. This would help, especially at night.

The airports are open on a limited basis. Owen isn’t sure what travel from the airports would be like. Most roads are still impassable for the large part. He thinks that individuals familiar with Jamaica might be able to get through.

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