Macaur Updates

Jana sent the following updates on September 14:

  • Last week over 20 children attended the first Kids’ Klub. We’d only set up 15 chairs, so God worked beyond our expectations! Praise the Lord for these children who will be learning God’s Word each week.
  • ELP enrollment is much higher than it was last fall. The overall atmosphere is also more upbeat with Michael, David, and Melissa here also building relationships. Praise God for all these people He’s bringing into the center to hear about Him.
  • David and Melissa Kline are still waiting for their permits from the government to be able to teach legally. Continue to pray for that whole situation. Also pray for missionaries with other mission organizations in Macau who are facing similar struggles.
  • This Friday night, Michael will start a Cantonese-speaking Care Group. As with Kids’ Klub, our goal is to start having some activities that are not using English instruction as the main attraction. Pray that people who are spiritually hungry will come. Also pray for wisdom for Michael as he begins this new ministry.
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