Updates from Macau

Here are some more updates fromĀ our director in Macau.

  • Of new arrivals David and Melissa Kline, “This is an answer to years of prayers that God would send more long-term workers to join us. Praise the Lord for David and Melissa. Pray for all of us as we come together as a team and seek how we can best serve God together.”
  • Attendance has increased at the Friday morning Women’s Bible Study. In early April, Jana and Jennifer Blandin traveled to Shanghai with five of those women. One of them was from Shanghai and invited them to stay at her home. Jana writes, “I was able to have a lot of quality conversation with the ELP students with whom I traveled. I also just enjoyed seeing a new part of China and being in vacation mode.”
  • “At the end of May, I will step down from being field director of our work here. I will remain on the team, with a focus on teaching and evangelism, which are the things I love to do. Please pray for our team and for me personally through this time of transition. Pray that God will also use this time to take our local churches one step further in their independence from missionary leadership.”
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