Retired minister Martin Magnus underwent major surgery in May to remove a brain tumor. He was doing well, but had a set-back over the weekend. Martin’s son, Brian, sent this note Monday morning:

“He had been steadily improving after the removal of his brain tumor one month ago, and had even travelled to Port Elgin, Ontario, for our United Brethren National Conference this weekend. But before he and Mom could return home to Kitchener, he began experiencing chest pains, shortness of breath, and heartbeat irregularity. He was rushed by ambulance to the Owen Sound hospital and from there to St. Mary’s hospital in Kitchener, Ontario.

“They discovered that he has blood clots in both lungs and one leg and immediately put him on blood thinners. Unless things change he’s predicted to be in St. Mary’s hospital (7th floor) for about 10 days.”

  • Donald Barrett resigned as senior pastor of Bethel UB (Elmore, Ohio), effective May 25.
  • Josh Kesler will be assigned as the senior pastor at Bethel beginning sometime in September.
  • James Pryor is the new senior pastor of Mt. Olivet UB (Franklin Co.) in Chambersburg, Pa., effective July 1. He was previously associate pastor of Dillman UB (Warren, Ind.).
  • We received word that Robert W. Mueller, a retired pastor from Central Conference, passed away recently. His last address was in Indianapolis, Ind.
  • Jim Pryer has been named senior pastor of Mt. Olivet Church (Chambersburg, Pa.) in Mid-Atlantic Conference effective July 1, 2003.
  • Ben Geiser, as of May 1, is Associate Pastor of Christ Fellowship UB in Westerville, Ohio. this is a part-time position. Ben holds a local conference license.
  • Also as of May 1, Carolyn Monsul is Children’s Ministries Director (part-time) at Christ Fellowship UB (Westerville, Ohio).
  • Kevin Gift was named Supply Pastor of Mount Olivet UB (Mt. Solon, Va.), effective May 14. He was previously the associate pastor at Mt. Olivet.
  • Peter Martindale was named senior pastor of Mount Hermon UB (Pomeroy, Ohio), effective May 4.
  • Josh Good accepted a position as Pastor of Discipleship and Youth at Banner of Christ UB (Grand Rapids, Mich.), starting June 15.

Brent and Loretta Liechty are the parents of twin baby girls. Lauralei Elizabeth and Susanna Elyse Liechty were born June 2. Brent writes, “Unfortunately, they had some lung problems from being early and were transported to Hershey Neo-natal unit. But everything is going well; they are breathing on their own, but still need oxygen.” Brent is Youth Director of Criders UB in Chambersburg, Pa.

Martin Magnus, a retired minister in Ontario, underwent major surgery last Thursday (May 8) for a brain tumor. His son, Brian Magnus, Bishop of the UB Church in Canada, sent this report on May 13.

“I brought my Dad, Martin Magnus, home from the hospital this afternoon. He’s physically doing very well. The greatest news is that the surgeon says that the post-operative CT-Scan shows that they got all of the tumor and that he’s ‘almost certain’ that it’s benign.

“Dad had only taken one Tylenol in over two days and most of the swelling in front of his right ear has gone down. He’s able to eat with the help of some anti-nausea medication. He has 28 steel staples in his head in a question mark design starting at the hairline above his eye and moving back above his right ear, then around to the front and down in the middle of his sideburn.

“In his own words, ‘It’s going to take a while to become oriented again.’ His voice is weak and hoarse (from the anesthetic?) and he’s very tired. He is a bit disoriented and felt a bit claustrophobic when he got home. Continue to pray for him after this brain surgery.

“Thanks again so much for all of your phone calls, emails and cards to Mom and Dad. They appreciate your love and your prayers especially.”

  • Darren Duncan resigned as Senior Pastor of Living Word UB in Columbus, Ohio, effective May 18, 2003. He will be going into active duty as a military chaplain. The church will be unassigned for the present time.
  • Ben Gladhill resigned as Children and Youth Pastor at Atlantic Avenue UB in Franklin, Pa., effective April 2.
  • Paul Rowe resigned as interim pastor at Mount Olivet UB, Mt. Solon, Va., as of May 7 due to health reasons. The church is unassigned for the present time.

Alan DeCristoforo sent this update on his health condition. He is serving as Spiritual Care Pastor at First UB in New Castle, Pa. “Since I know a lot of people have been praying for me, I should let them know that I stood up and preached for 30 minutes during the Sunrise Service. After the service, I was assisted to the main floor where I stood up, with help, and walked out of the sanctuary. I had on my braces, and two gentlemen helped me stand up.”

Ernie Burk, a retired minister in Michigan Conference, passed away in April. He was 85. A memorial service was held April 19 at the Mt. Hope UB church in Carson City, Mich. Rev. Burk attended Huntington College and was ordained in 1949. He and his wife, Dorothy, served various churches in Michigan: Harrison, Brown Corners, Ashley, Alma, Jackson St. (now Countryside), Harrison, Caledonia, Eden, and Ithaca. They retired to a home on the Carson City Campground in 1982. Their oldest son, Roger, is the pastor at Mt. Hope. Three of their five children are still living.

Martin Magnus, a retired minister and former conference superintendent in Ontario, is undergoing major surgery this week to remove a brain tumor. One surgery is occurring this morning (Tuesday). Martin will then undergo an all-day surgery on Thursday, May 8, to remove the tumor. The tumor was discovered after Martin began experiencing little “seizures” that appeared as absent spells; pressure from the growing tumor was the cause. The tumor is not malignant.

Martin’s son Brian (President of the UB Church in Canada, and pastor of the UB church in Guelph), writes, “They’ll do an embolism at the meningal artery that’s feeding this tumor. I believe they’ll do an angiogram beforehand. He’ll wait at the hospital until Thursday, when they’ll begin at 8 a.m. the all-day ‘intercranial surgery’ to remove the tumor. Dad will probably remain in the hospital to recover for about five days….

“The tumor is under the right sideburn, 2 inches in diameter–larger than a golf ball, smaller than a tennis ball. There are many small vessels leading to the tumour. Since it is so vascular it is thought to be a Meningioma. It is growing off the Meninges (brain lining), not the base of the skull.

“Mom and Dad (and all of us) really appreciate your prayers!”

Gary Reed, lay leader at Eden UB (Reedsville, Ohio), is filling the pulpit until a new pastor can be found. Bill Duty, the previous pastor, resigned as of April 13.

Peter Martindale is pastor of Mount Hermon UB (Pomeroy, Ohio) effective May 4.

Sunfield UB (Sunfield, Mich.) has hired a new Assistant Pastor. His name is Roy Atherton. The church had a special welcome for him, his wife, Judy, and their two children, Nicole and Kieth.