This is your chance to put your graphic design skills on display. We are looking for the best design for a new shirt on the UB Merch Store using the slogan, “Frontier from the Beginning,” a phrase coined by Frank Yang, Director of UB Global, during his address at National Conference. There have been a couple early attempts at a new design, but thankfully wiser heads prevailed and a decision was made to invite other, more design-minded individuals into the process.

We know you are out there and we are inviting you to submit your design(s) for the Frontier from the Beginning t-shirt design contest. You have until October 20, 2023 to submit your unique design(s) to The winning design will be announced the following week, and soon after, made available for purchase in the new UB Merch store. The winning designer will receive a shirt with their design and $50 to spend in the store.

To learn more about the contest rules and how you can enter, visit

If you would like more information about what Frontier from the Beginning really means as well as some inspiration to get you started, watch this short explainer video.

We are excited to announce that our online merch store is NOW OPEN! That means you can now get your hands on all sorts of UB branded gear, from t-shirts and hoodies to totes and polos, and have it all shipped right to your front door.

Here’s how it works:

1. Visit
2. Choose your items, the logo you prefer, and add your church name (optional).
3. Pay online and wait for your gear to arrive.
4. Sport your new threads at your next appointment, staff meeting, or worship set.

Happy shopping! We can’t wait to see all your new gear the next time we gather.

The next United Brethren Church History course will be offered November 27-28, 2023. This class provides a great opportunity to learn about the history of the UB Church and the people who lead the way. It is also a great opportunity to learn from some of our most passionate denominational historians.

This course is a requirement for those seeking ministerial licensing, but it is open to anyone interested in our rich history. Laypersons, especially local church leaders (board chairpersons, church members, lay delegates, etc.) are encouraged to attend.

This is an online course and will be conducted via Zoom, November 27-28, 2023 from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm both days. Three books are required for students taking UB History: Trials and Triumphs and All For Christ, Volume 1 and Volume 2. Registration for the class is $200 per person plus the cost of the books which can be purchased directly from the UB National Office.

If you’re ready to explore the history of the Church of the United Brethren in Christ, register here.

If you have any questions about registration or how you can order the books, contact Jamie Hoffman in the Bishop’s office at

Dr. Chaney Bergdall

Dr. Chaney Bergdall, United Brethren minister and retired professor of Bible and Religion at Huntington University, passed away on Tuesday, September 5, 2023 after a brief battle with stage 4 metastatic melanoma.

Chaney graduated from Huntington University in 1969 (BA) and went on to earn three additional degrees from Jerusalem University College (MA, 1970), Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (MDiv, 1973), and Fuller Theological Seminary (Ph. D., 1986). He was ordained as a UB minister in 1973 and served at Kilburn Ave UB Church (Rockford, IL, 1971-75), Egan UB Church (Egan, IL, 1974-75), and Glendale UB Church (Glendale, CA, 1981-84). Dr. Bergdall also taught at Huntington University for 36 years (1975-82; 1984-2012).

After he retired in 2012, Chaney moved to Goshen, Indiana with his wife, Pat, and has been an active member of 8th Street Mennonite Church as well as a number of other community-minded organizations.

Dr. Bergdall’s obituary and funeral arrangements can be found here.

Yesterday, as many of you know, Steve Dennie stepped through the doors of the UB National Office and into retirement after a long and faithful 45 year career of service to the denomination. Before we let him get away, our team at the office spent time together celebrating Steve, listening to his favorite stories, and laughing a lot along the way. Personally, I have had the privilege over the last six weeks of working beside Steve, learning from him and soaking in as much denominational history as possible. In that time, I have developed a deep appreciation for his servant heart and his humble leadership.

Steve and I share a passion for storytelling, which, not-so-coincidentally, is a primary responsibility of the communications director. He has owned that responsibility and committed years to sharing the stories of others. When I stepped into this role I wanted the first story I shared to be his story. So last week I invited Steve to sit down with me for an interview. You may have seen the short clips we posted this week on our Facebook story, but now you can view the interview in its entirety below (approximately 30 minutes).



Steve, if you are reading this, let me say one more time, thank you. Thank you for serving so faithfully for so long. Thank you modeling leadership that uplifts others without drawing attention to yourself. Thank you for the intentional and grace-filled way you’ve passed the baton on to me.