Eden UB church of Reedsville, Ohio, is serving as a command center emergency services in the aftermath of the tornadoes which swept through the area last Wednesday, Sept. 16. Three F3 tornadoes touched down, one of them within a mile of the church.

Eden UB is located in hill country, which supposedly doesn’t attract tornadoes. Pastor Adam Will says they have floods and ice storms, but never tornadoes. This is considered the country’s worst disaster ever.

Fortunately, nobody in Ohio was killed, though some were injured, including one lady from the church who couldn’t get out of her home when the tornado sucked the doors shut.

Most people in this economically depressed area, says Pastor Will, have no insurance. Many lost everything they own.

From the church, they are feeding about 350 volunteers and families three meals a day. Many volunteers attended Eden Church on Sunday, after which they immediately began feeding people. Some are fed at the church, others receive food delivered by truck and ATV.

Much clothing has also been collected at the church–more, says Pastor Will, then they’ll ever be able to use.

Scott Hergert, senior pastor of Lansing UB church (Lansing, Mich.), sends the following:

“At our Local Conference Meeting, we voted to stop services at First UB church of Lansing on October 24. It was also decided to donate all of our resources to the denomination for the purpose of restarting this church or beginning a new church in the Lansing area.

“I would like the month of October to be a celebration of our heritage. I would like to hear stories of how this church has impacted the lives of people, and the churches around Michigan. I would welcome guests to come and share in any of those services.”

Rev. Simon White, 55, former pastor of First UB Church of the Bronx (New York City), was killed September 18 in a car accident on the New York State Thruway. Also killed were his wife, Zelda, and four members of the Joy Fellow Christian Assembly (a non-UB Jamaican church), of which White was the pastor.

The Whites and 12 parishioners were traveling in a 15-passenger Ford Econoline van when the left rear tire blew out. The vehicle spiraled, and ejected 8 passengers. The dead included Simon White’s sister and an assistant pastor.

AOLNews published an article about the accident.

Rev. White grew up in Jamaica and was a former minister in Jamaica Conference.

Jeff Bleijerveld, Director of Global Ministries

The Reclamation Project in Fort Wayne, Ind., is offering an interesting training opportunity. Guest speakers are former Muslims who have gone through the life-changing experience of meeting the Lord Jesus Christ. You are invited to come hear their stories.

There will also be time for fellowship, for questions and discussion, and for sharing ideas and prayers regarding ministry within Fort Wayne’s Muslim community.

Date: Thursday, September 30, 2010
Time: 6:30 pm
Location: Rialto Theater Gallery, 2614 S. Calhoun Street, Fort

Huntington University has launched four new Bachelor of Science degrees for the fall 2010 semester.

  1. Studio Art: geared toward students serious about becoming professional artists or pursuing graduate-level study.
  2. Graphic Design: replaces the former Bachelor of Arts degree, expanding the depth and breadth of the program to better prepare a new generation of students for careers after graduation.
  3. Exercise and Movement Science: prepare students for careers in fields such as personal training, strength and conditioning, corporate wellness and coaching, and provide a strong foundation for graduate school.
  4. Sport and Exercise Studies: prepare students for careers in fields such as personal training, strength and conditioning, corporate wellness and coaching, and provide a strong foundation for graduate school.

These majors join the more than 70 academic programs offered on campus.

Tom Datema, senior pastor of Zanesville UB church (Zanesville, Ohio), writes:

“We want to say thank you to everyone who helped make the 6th Annual Tom Ponsot Memorial Golf Tournament a success. For the last six years, the Zanesville United Brethren Church has hosted the tournament to raise funds for Camp Cotubic.

“This year, the morning of September 11 was cold, and for the first time in several weeks, it looked like rain in Northeast Indiana. But that didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the 21 four-man teams who had gathered in support of Camp Cotubic. The rain did come, and it was very cold, but the teams soldiered on for a great cause. With the entry fees, hole sponsorships, and generous donations made that morning, well over $5,000 was raised for the camp. Thanks again for your support and we look forward to seeing even more of you next year.”

Huntington University enrolled a record number of traditional undergraduate students this fall and reported its second-largest incoming class in the school’s history.

The total enrollment for fall 2010 is 1278. This includes:

  • 1040 traditional, fulltime and part-time undergraduate students (up eight students from 2009).
  • 148 students in the EXCEL Adult Degree Program.
  • 90 graduate students.

Other stats of note:

  • The university enrolled 320 new fulltime students, including 263 new freshmen and 57 transfers,
  • Fulltime undergraduate enrollment increased from 949 to 982 students.
  • The students come from 20 countries and 35 different states.
  • 60% of the students are from Indiana.
  • Ethnic minorities make up 5% of the student population.
  • This is the largest class of international students (33) in at least two decades.

The Myers Mission House

Things are a little “up-in-the-air” this month at the Myers Mission House in Huntington, Ind. Work has begun to raise the house and replace the basement walls, which had begun to cave in quite significantly. The decision to have this work done was a difficult one, as it will entail considerable expense, but the house is used on a regular basis by furloughing Global Ministries’ staff. Selling the house “as is” was not an option. Contractor Mike Tribolet says the work should be completed by mid-October. The Myers Mission House has provided a home-away-from-the-field for countless Global Ministries staff over the years.

Billy Simbo sent the following update on his wife, Mamei, on Tuesday, September 14. Billy is serving a three-year term with Global Ministries in Sierra Leone, where he holds the title of Bishop of Sierra Leone Conference.

Mamei is still in the Coronary Care Unit at Abington Memorial Hospital (Abington, Pa.). They are keeping her because her heart rate is too fast and her blood pressure too erratic.


UBGlobal - New Website for Global Ministries

After a year of planning and development, Global Ministries has launched a brand new website at UBGlobal.org. This new website replaces the former site located at UBMissions.com (which now directs people to UBGlobal.org).

The site contains:

  • Updated info and photos for all Global Ministries staff.
  • Information about each country in which we have United Brethren churches.
  • Over a dozen videos you can view online.
  • A complete list of projects, which you can sort by cost, region, and category.
  • A host of recommended books, videos, training events, speakers, and more.
  • Much information about work trips.
  • Many ways to “Get Involved” in the work of missions–giving, volunteering, supporting projects, or entering missionary service.

Take a look at UBGlobal and browse around.