Poland, Hong Kong, and the Year of the Rooster

delik_300Arek and Donna Delik are endorsed United Brethren missionaries serving in Poland with Operation Mobilization. Donna is originally from a United Brethren church in Hong Kong. In their March 2017 newsletter, she tells about a recent visit by UBs from Hong Kong.

We had been serving in Kutno for more than17 years and it was the very first time we had friends from Hong Kong celebrating the Lunar New Year with us in Poland. We were very grateful for these four wonderful sisters from our supporting church, who sacrificed this most important time for Chinese families and came such a long way to bless us as well as the Polish people they encountered.

We began the Year of Rooster with a great Chinese New Year celebration with our Polish friends. We were thankful to our friends from Hong Kong who helped put up several colorful Chinese Culture events in Kutno as well as Gostynin during this Chinese New Year holiday. It was a fun time to share a little bit of our culture, and more important, these events provided the platform for us to share the good news with our audiences through Chinese calligraphy and Christian music, etc.

A journalist who attended one of our events wrote an article in the local newspaper and commented, “All these Chinese ladies are believers, and from the songs they sing, we know that the Lord Jesus Christ is the strength of their lives.” Praise the Lord that people saw Jesus in our lives, as it was not about us but all about Jesus.

For us, the highlights of this visit were the fellowship we could have and the fun of serving together. These four sisters demonstrated the important fundamental qualities which all short–term mission teams need–flexibility and humility. Before the trip, we had many discussions via internet, as they were very sincere and eager to know what our needs and expectations were. In order to be well prepared for the Chinese Culture event, they even went the extra mile to attend classes to learn Chinese calligraphy, handicraft, and tea ceremony, etc. Their desire was to be ambassadors of Christ through words and deeds.

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