UB Day in Macau

Bridger Fetters, Global Ministries staff in Macau

Last Sunday, Living Water and Living Stone (the two UB churches in Macau) came together for an all-day, joint service. We played a few games and ate lunch before moving into a more traditional worship service. Members from both churches took part in leading worship. Pastor Ajiax Wu from Hong Kong gave the message.

Afterwards, members from both churches shared about their vision for what the UB church could do in Macau, and David Kline concluded with a call to action. We broke up into small groups and had some wonderful discussions about the future of the UB church in Macau and the importance of having everyone be a part of it.

It was a wonderful time of sharing, and it was very encouraging to see how well the two groups got along.

I was in charge of the opening ice-breaker. Everyone was asked to write their name on a card upon entering the church. The cards from Living Stone were put into one hat and the cards from Living Water into another. Each person then took a card from the church they do not attend.

Assuming the identity of the person on their new card, each person went around the room learning everything they could about “themselves” by simply talking to others in the room. At the end of the alloted time, a few members came up to share everything they had learned about their new identity. It was amazing (and funny in many cases) to hear how much people could learn about someone in such a short time.

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