Celebrate Diversity

During a chapel message to Huntington University students in early September, I presented five practical tips for modeling unity as believers within a diverse community. I discussed points one and two earlier. Here is the third one.

3. Celebrate diversity.

Diversity truly is a gift from God. He created each of us in his image, and we all come with wonderful, unique skills and abilities.

We celebrate diversity because God is a God of creative beauty and diversity.

  • We see his love of diversity in the rich vastness of the animals and plants that He has created.
  • We see his love of diversity through the rich variety of ways that we worship and praise him
  • We see his love of diversity in Heaven when all believers from every nation, tribe, people, and language will stand before the throne and worship the Lamb.

Let’s not just tolerate diversity, whether in your neighborhood, church, workplace, or at Huntington University. Rather, celebrate it and enjoy it and appreciate it for its rich vastness and beauty. Because it reflects the diversity and creativity of God.

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