October 17 Update from Jana Hoobler

Jana Hoobler sent this update from Macau on October 17.

“This has been a heavy week for me ministry-wise. I’ve been involved in offering care/counsel to a young woman working at a casino who has been accused of stealing $500,000 worth of betting chips, to a young local Christian who is suicidal, and to a Christian friend whose teenaged daughter committed suicide last week. My heart hurts not only for these friends, but also for Macau in general and all the societal problems that are by-products of the soaring casino industry.  Please pray for healing and redemption in the lives of these three friends of mine. Please also pray for me, that I’ll be strong spiritually and in some way be able to reflect Jesus’ love to them in their pain. I have a deep sense of spiritual warfare going on. 
“This Sunday a young woman is being baptized at Living Stone Church. She’s a young Christian who is refreshingly full of simple faith in Jesus. Praise the Lord for His work in her life. Pray for her as she struggles to share her faith with her family.”

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