Update from Jana Hoobler

Jana HooblerJana Hoobler, missionary in Macau, sent this news update on June 27.

  • The summer children’s classes at Living Stone Church have gotten off to a good start. Many of the children have studied with us before, so I’m getting to know them and their parents better. Pray for wisdom in the best way to invite these families to attend church.
  • Praise the Lord for several people from the church who are helping with children’s ministry this summer. I appreciate the way God is providing help and support for me! Pray for the future of children’s ministry at the church as I look for people to mentor in leadership in this area.
  • My co-worker Michael is carrying a lot of extra responsibility at Living Stone this summer. He’s spending a lot of time in sermon preparation, which is a fairly new opportunity for him. Pray for strength for him each week.
  • Pray for Jimmy, a 5th grader who accepted Christ last summer at VBS. I invited him to help with some projects this summer, hoping it will provide opportunities to do follow-up with him spiritually. He’s asking some thoughtful questions about God and Satan.

In some ways, I’ve gotten used to being surrounded by blatant idolatry in Macau…at least to whatever extent you “get used to” something like that. However, last week a piece of news just chilled me. A mummified human fetus was found on one of the altars at one of Macau’s main temples. There are a lot of unanswered questions, but the idea of a baby being offered as a sacrifice just makes me ANGRY!!!! Also, in the past week two casino dealers in their 20s committed suicide after gambling their own money and losing it. This is becoming a fairly common occurrence.

Pray for the city of Macau. I believe the Christian community here is growing, but I sometimes feel overwhelmed by the advancement of evil here, too. This past week Michael’s sermon was on “Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.” He encouraged us to mourn the things that make God mourn…and I think much of what’s happening here must make God mourn. Pray for spiritual strength for all Christians in Macau and that the influence of the church will grow.

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