Death of Toma K. Fogbawah

The first African maintenance officer of the United Brethren Church, Sierra Leone, Mr. Toma K. Fogbawah, the first African maintenance office of the UB church in Sierra Leone, passed away on December 11. He was 69. Mr. Fogbawah is survived by his wife, Mrs. Dinah Fogbawah, and seven children. Cards to the family can be sent through Mrs. Fogbawah, Andrew, and Tom, all of whom reside at: 3017 4th Avenue, Claymont, DE 19703.

  • Hong Kong. Hong Kong Conference held a missions conference in early December. Here are some items from that conference, plus news from the work of several persons affiliated with Hong Kong Conference:
  • There were 380 participants in the conference. Attendees donated $1,232, and made a faith offering of $29,788. Several members indicated that they would participate in short-term mission opportunities.
  • Poland. Arek Delik, serving in Poland, attended a conference with 200 preachers from eight different denominations; they discussed the vision of planting new churches. Arek and Donna have a new female coworker in Poland, Alina Kozlowska. Donna is teaching 86 students in English classes; it is a way to establish relationshipos with unchurched people.
  • Myanmar. The Go Chin family returned safely to Myanmar on December 7. They have 180 students in English classes. Carmen has started a kindergarten; she needs a schoolbus to provide transportation for students. Bridget Ho is busily making preparations for a Christmas evangelistic gathering for the students in the English classes.
  • Thailand. In Thailand, 40 persons will be baptized over Christmas. Rev. H. M. Lee is the pastor.
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