Jana Hoobler Update

Jana Hoobler sent these items from Macau on March 25:

  • This Sunday our United Brethren Macau Association will celebrate its 15th Anniversary. Praise the Lord for these 15 years of His faithfulness to our church-planting work in Macau. Pray that the celebration will be an encouragement to our staff and church members and a strong testimony to our unsaved friends who will attend.
  • This ELP term has been a really good one in terms of spiritual response. Praise the Lord for this encouragement to our team. Pray that the new friendships and Bible dtudies that have started will continue, and that we’ll see people coming to accept Christ as their Savior.
  • One of our English Bible Study students, who isn’t a Christian, asked us to start a Bible Club for her 5th grade students. She feels it’s important for them to learn about the Bible. She asked her school adminstration if we could do this, and they approved it. Pray that God will continue to open doors if He desires for us to start this club. Pray also that we’ll find suitable materials.
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