How Jana Hoobler Spent Her Furlough

Jana Hoobler will return to Macau on January 30, having been in the States on furlough since September. Byrdena Shuneman will fly with her, ready to begin yet another term as a volunteer missionary. Byrdena will stay through May. Jana writes of her furlough, ” I’ve had such wonderful times with my family while I’ve been in the States, and we’re not looking forward to another set of good-byes. On the other hand, I’m getting anxious to return to Macau and ‘do what I do’ instead of just ‘talking about what I do.’ I try to keep my focus on being thankful that I enjoy being on both sides of the world.”

Jana took graduate courses at Wheaton College during the fall, and is now two-thirds of the way through a master’s degree in Missions and Intercultural Studies. She’ll do one correspondence course, and then plan to finish the degree on her next furlough.

In addition, Jana traveled about 10,000 miles in four months. But the highlight, she says, was the time with her family in Rockford, Ill. “At Christmas we rented a house at a camp in Iowa and stayed there together for a week. We enjoyed playing games, taking walks, watching movies, going ice skating, swimming, having a bonfire, and talking together. My nieces and nephews and I loved spending the holidays together!”

She says that when she return to Macau, the missionary team will do long-term planning for how to phase out of missionary involvement at Living Word Church and develop the ministry on Taipa toward a church plant. The original church, Living Water, has been on its own for several years. Living Word is a newer church, and Taipa will be the third UB church in Macau.

She adds an observation about the prevalence of reality TV. “It amuses me, because it looks like people just want a taste of missionary life–working and living with a group of people you didn’t know before and eating lots of strange foods!”

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